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August  3rd - Poetry Sunday ~~ Bill Chene, Maureen Murphy (WA)

Come and share your favorite poem—one you’ve written, or someone else’s that speaks to you.  Words have a powerful influence on our understanding of things; this day celebrates the power and beauty of the word.  The rules are simple—the poem should be no more than about three minutes long, and in good taste so that we are considerate of others in the audience.

August 10th - The Great March For Climate Action

 ~~ Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd, Bill Chene (WA)

We welcome these visiting UU speakers.  Science writer and UU Connie Barlow will report on what she is learning while interacting with the intrepid walkers participating in the cross-USA Great March for Climate Action—and the communities through which they pass.  As her specialty involves how climate change is already affecting forest trees, she will touch on the plights of “the poster plants of climate change”: Joshua Trees in the west and Florida Torreya in the east.

August 17th - Festival Sunday:  Water Communion

            ~~ Rev. Eva Cameron, Maureen Murphy (WA)

Join us for this popular service, as we celebrate the connection we share with Mother Earth and with each other.  Please bring a small vial of water from some place special to you to add to our Common Waters.  Most of us have visited some place, in person or in our minds, that refreshes us and nourishes our souls.  Let’s gather back after so many of us traveled and enjoy being together in community.

August 24th - Homecoming Sunday

 ~~ Rev. Eva Cameron, John Miller (WA)

We return to our fall schedule with this service that introduces this year’s annual theme.  Come find out what we will be exploring this year!

August 31st - Labor Day Chapel
~~ Bill Chene, Karen Impola (WA)

A brief chapel service will be followed by our twice-annual cleanup day—inside and out—after which we’ll enjoy our Potluck Picnic.





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