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May  4th Community Gardening:  Good Fences

~~ Rev. Eva Cameron,  John Miller (WA)

We all understand the value of a good fence when we are battling the rabbits for our garden, but what place is there for a fence in Liberal Religion?  In this sermon, we will explore rigor in religion. . .do we value it?  Have we become lazy religiously, spiritually?

May 11th   Festival Sunday

Community Gardening:  The Tree is Known by Its Fruit

 ~~ Rev. Eva Cameron, Karen Impola (WA)

Join us for this fun annual event. . .our Flower Communion!  We invite each of you to bring a flower to share.  We will join them as one into a beautiful bouquet and everyone will go home with a new flower.  This is also Child Dedication Sunday when we will ‘dedicate’ our new babies and children (see article).

May 18th

Community Gardening:  Weeding

~~ Rev. Eva Cameron, Bill Chene (WA)

Are you starting to weed your garden yet?  Our religious journey invites us to work on weeding too:  the good from the bad, the skillful from the unskillful, the baby from the bathwater.

May 25th   Memorial Day Chapel Service

Musings from the Ministry Outside the Church

~~ Rev. Kali Hayslett,  John Miller (WA)

As the Sunday before Memorial Day, it seems appropriate to take a moment to think about the many joys and sorrows of the passing year.  As a hospice and hospital chaplain, Rev. Hayslett’s daily life is filled with experiences of what it means to “live while dying”.  Please join us this Sunday as she shares some stories about her ministry and what she believes it means to live well.

Note:  following this service there will be an All-church Clean-up and Potluck.  See article elsewhere in this newsletter.





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