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 March 9th Community Gardening:  Ground Conditions 

~~ Rev. Eva Cameron, Lynda Sutherland (WA)

Last month we explored our climate conditions; exploring what it’s like here in the Cedar Valley.  This service will be about authenticity, and accepting who we are, what we have to offer our world.  Growing a strong community means starting from the ground up!

March 16th  Festival Sunday:  Spring Equinox 

~~ Rev. Eva Cameron, Festival Team, John Miller (WA)

Winter has been long and wearying.  Let’s have some fun and celebrate the coming of spring.  No matter what the weather is on this day, we do know that we are halfway to the longest day of the year.

March 23rd   T&T Auction sermon  Community Gardening:  Gathering

~~ Rev. Eva Cameron, Maureen Murphy (WA)

Each year at the annual Treats and Talents Auction, attendees have the chance to bid on a sermon to be based on a book of one’s choice.  This year’s winner was Jan Gallagher, who chose the book Gathering:  Memoir of a Seed Saver by Diane Ott Whealy, about the history of the Seed Savers organization in Decorah.  We will be exploring lessons on community building through gathering.

March 30th  Planting the Seeds of Modern Religion:  The Long Shadow of Zarathustra  

~~ Al Browne, Del Carpenter (WA)

Do you teach Zoroastrianism to your children?  If you practice any Abrahamic religion, you may be surprised to find that the answer is “yes”.  This presentation describes how some of the core beliefs of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are based on ancient teachings of Zarathustra and how these ancient teachings made their way into religions practiced today.




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